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My imperfect pride and joy…The plaid skirt



There she is …my pride and joy! She’s not perfect by any means but the whole process really was (at the time I made it) a huge lip forward for me.

I started dreaming about it a few years ago after seeing Sunny’s. Loved her skirt to bits…However when I tried to get that same fabric she used (yes…I planned to shamelessly copy the whole thing) they were out of it. I think another year passed (or was it two?!) and I finally came across a fabric that I liked and bought it…online! Luckily it was a a very nice quality wool flannel. Soft and very easy to work with so I forgave it for having a very, very muted plaid pattern….my only regret. It might have been from Frabric Mart but it’s been a while so I am not 100% sure. The lining is rayon bemberg in the same gray color.

The pattern is the skirt piece of the Lonsdale dress pattern from Sewaholic. I cut a size 6 and i believe I might have lengthend it a little which in the end wasn’t quite necessary because the skirt is cut on the bias and because of the weight of the fabric it “grew” in length quite a bit.

Speaking of bias and plaid…I am so proud of my pattern matching!


It really is pefect on both the back and front center seams.

I even inserted a handpicked metal zipper…

IMG_4512 IMG_4515

And no, the zipper is not visible wheni wear it…my dress form has an weird rear-end…The idea was that the stitches are not visible at all.

The skirt has a horsehair hem which i am a little unusure about. It does give the skirt a nice, fuller silhouette but somehow it feels a little bit costumey when I wear it…And it’s also scratchy…Maybe I will try using Petersham ribbon for hem next time.


The waistband is a straight long rectangle and it’s one of the things i’d change for next time…I don’t like it. I am a pear shape with a pretty accentuated waist so it gapes at the top. The inside was finished with petersham ribbon.


Overall, this is probably the garment I worked on the most…Lots of hanstitching (the waist band, the hem, the zipper) but I like doing it and I think i even like the skirt a bit more because of it.

I will have two Archer shirts coming up!