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This year…

1. I will blog all the projects I have made. With as many details as i can remember.
2. From now on, i will write down changes, details, etc. as i am working on a project, not months later. (forgot most of the changes i have made already on most of the things i have sewn).
3. Better document the tutorial, articles, posts that i use in any of my projects. for many reasons; credit should be given where it is due, I shouldn’t be scrambling everywhere t find a technique if I have already used it before and it worked.
4. Better pictures.
5. Better site design, learn more about blogging in general.
6. Be more organized overall.
7. De-clutter more.
8. Be more efficient/Focus better.

Sewing related:

1. Improve garment fitting.

2. Sew a pair of pants.

3. Sew a jacket.

4. Sew a shirt.

5. Make buttonholes

We shall see how these will play out. I really do have the best intentions of following through with them though.

Let 2014 be the year of learning, de-cluttering (of any kind) and loving myself/yourself much more.