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The B-day boy!


Jake loved his kitty! that is the very good news, and it makes me so very happy! I love the little bugger 🙂

As you can see, the white nose is gone…it bothered him so he ripped the kitty’s face off. I fixed it for him and he seems to like it better…I mean look at that face!



Sewing and how it all started


A while ago, actually almost 3 years ago I started reading sewing blogs. I was commuting a long way every day, by train (BART to be precise) and reading blogs was a nice way to help the time pass by. I think I first found Jessica’s blog and then, intrigued, I looked for more and more sewing blogs. And then I found Sunni, and I fell in love with her blog, and her outfits 🙂 The supportive and friendly voices I found kept me coming…not to mention the beautiful clothes these women were sewing and knitting. From the sidelines it is quite incredible to see how their skills evolve.

At first it made me pick up my knitting needles again. After many, many years I casted my first stitches and finished a hat, and then a scarf and mittens (gifted them all). It feels so good to make something with my own two hands! and I still knit…

But sewing…well sewing was a different story. I grew up thinking that the sewing machine was this delicate and very valuable contraption that only the tailors  can use. It frightened and intimidated me. There’s a whole lot more to the story but that was in a nutshell how I felt about it.

It took me about a year to even think about getting a sewing machine. And when the thought finally formed in my head I was already well tought by the same sewing blogs in what to look for. I decided I want an older sewing machine, one that has a past, that no one else wants anymore and that I could rescue from the landfills. And just like that, one Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the local thrift shop. And there, in the middle of the store, on a table, I found Wall-e, my new sewing machine (more about him soon).

I have been trying to stitch things ever since, a wobbly bag, many pot holders, hemmed jeans, fixed hems. And then I cut into a pattern and I made my first pj bottoms. And then a top, and then another one…

Anyway, I just wanted to say that thanks to you, the sewing bloggers, I found a hobby I love. Thank you for your tutorials, hor posting your projects, for answering endless questions. Thank you for giving me the courage to try!



Hello world!


This is me…L. and this is my blog. Welcome here! I plan to talk and sort of track my many interests: running, cooking, diy, knitting, sewing, beading, reading, healthy leaving, exercising…and i am sure I left quite a few ones out but I have no doubt they will come along and join in the near future.

The truth is I am VERY curious! I like to try out things,  learn and experiment and overall poke at everything that picks my interest (and that is not hard to do 🙂 )

See, I don’t really believe that we should “discover ourselves”…i think we should create ourselves. As far as I am concerned, I am a work in progress and I am trying to better myself every day.

So, that’s a bit about me. Just a girl, many curiosities and too little time to explore them all.