Archer the first – in Black and White



This is probably my most worn self-made garment I have ever sewn. The black and white checkered pattern seems to go with everything in my closet: jeans, dressy skirts, office slacks…same with the colours. I particulary love it with a chartreuse wool skirt or with jeans.

The advantage of this one versus my usual store bought shirts is that is the fit…so much more relaxed than most of the ones i own. No gaping, no pulling!

The pattern is the Archer shirt from Grainline. Jen did an awesome sew-a-long and I had absolutely no issue following it. There’s even a video on the “burrito” method and the music on it is awesome!

I made a size 2 and most of the fit was spot on. However, I should have adjusted the length of the shirt and of the sleeves. I am 5’9″ with long arms and i could have used some extra length. As I mentioned though…I still wore it to shreds (quite literally). I added 1.5″ on the sleeves and about 2″ on the next one and that was perfect.

The fabric is a very soft cotton voile from Joann(!!). Lovely fabric but i think it keeps on shrinking with every wash…or I’m growing by the day… I also used iron-on interfacing from Joann and it has bubbled a long time ago (but of course!). Luckily it is not visible after ironing the cufs ….plus I am rolling the sleeves now as they are getting shorter and shorter…

There are a few construction/sewing hickups hiding in the busy checkered pattern: the front placket was not entirely caught on the inside, the hem has…issues, the tension went crazy somewhere along the way and some of the topstitching shows it…. Oh…the pattern matching…perfect on one side and perfectly shifted one row on the other… I tried, really tried to get it perfect…no idea how that happened.

IMG_4518 IMG_4521

Anyway, nothing to stop me from wearing it with lots of pride. I still have enough fabric so i might try and do it again with a nicer sleeve placket.

Oh, i have used this tutorial for the collar stand. Very nice! Thank you Four Square Walls!

Next up… get ready for color!!! 😉

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)


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  1. Si camasuta imi place! Vreau sa-ti zic asa, ca nu e mare tragedie ca nu se potrivesc patratelele – mai ales daca asta se petrece pe susaturile care nu sunt direct la vedere, cum sunt lateralele, pe la maneci.

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