More panties – Rosy Ladyshorts



More panties…this pair was made using the Rosy Ladyshorts free pattern from Cloth Habit.
I actually made these before my Perfect Panties and as you can see from the pictures I did take my time sewing the lace and I think that part turned out quite okay for a first attempt (or I should say it’s good enough for me 😉 )

I made a straight size 4 with no alterations and followed the instructions closely (the instructions are pretty awesome btw!).
I do like the result, they look very cute but they are quite different than what I’m used do (obviously, not the pattern’s fault). The crotch is way to narrow for my liking (TMI anyone?) and I think I should take them up on the sides about 1/2″ as they seem a bit loose. The other thing that got me a little confused, and it might just be the kind of lace I used, is the length of the lace recommended for the leg openings and the waist. It seems way to loose… Maybe if I had it a bit tighter I wouldn’t even need to take them in on the sides? Worth a try I think.
After I’m done playing with the Perfect Ones I will come back and give these another whirl.
Other than that, they come together quickly, are cute and comfortable and…free 🙂 Once again, thank you for a free pattern Amy!

Now I just need to find a thong pattern and I’m close to being set in the undergarments department!


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