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Bunny Rabbit


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This is another project for my favorite boy in the whole world…Jake

It is a very cute and sweet little gift I made him for Christmas. He loves bunny rabbits even though he can’t really chase them anymore. But they sure still get him excited…

There is not much else to say:
– the pattern is this;
– the fabrics all from the stash and actually all from Freecycle, including the filling poly.
Gotta love using up every little bit and not spending much.

Next, I might need to make him a squirrel…he loves them so 😀

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The past reaches out or the unexpected gifts of Freecycle


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Todays post is a bit special to me and i thought about how I feel about it for quite a while. It was a mix of feelings from sadness to joy…But here is the story.

A couple of weeks ago I answered a Freecycle add in which someone was offering a box of old vintage patterns in size 32. Now it is really rare for me to find any vintage patterns at all in this area but to find them for free and in MY SIZE, that is something rare. I answered the add asking for them and in my excitement I didn’t even notice that she mentioned leaving them on the porch for anyone to come and get them. Hours and hours later, although sure they had been already claimed, I read the email one more time and saw my mistake. I flew out the door in my slippers and got there in no time. They were still there!!! As I walked up the stairs to the porch the door opened up. Scared me and the young lady who opened the door. We chatted a little and she offered some crazy ’70s fabrics along with the patterns. Everything belonged to her grandmother and yes, everything was definitely from the ’70s.

I got home and looked through the patterns and love most of them. Some will have to find a new home soon but 90% of them are staying with me. The biggest surprise was in the fabric box where, along with the craziest polyester I have ever seen, were three bags each containing an unfinished project: a red velvet men’s vest (for her husband?), a pair of girls pants (very flared) and a wrap dress. All projects neatly packed with the pattern pieces pinned to the fabric and the pattern envelope and instructions wrapped with the remaining fabric.
What made her stop? what happened? did she grow tired of them? I think not considering the trouble she went to package them along with all the bits and pieces. She must have been young too (or maybe sewing for a young girl) because the skirt on the dress is …SHORT, very short. I’d love to know the story but likely i never will and I now choose to think that she had just discovered that she was pregnant and started sewing for a little one or maybe she discovered the wonders of natural fibers and walked away from the poly…

Anyway, for someone who has close to zero family heirlooms it made me sad that her family was giving her stuff away. She spent time touching them, working on them….a bit of herself is in them. But then I thought more of it and maybe I am looking at them all wrong: by giving them away, they set these projects free to find a new home and fulfill their purpose. Her work will likely be finished, someone else gets to enjoy them.

I happen to like the dress pattern (coming up soon) and the bodice fits me incredibly well so I plan to finish it up. There is no way I would wear that polyester anywhere but for a test garment is pretty good.

The pants, you see in here…. I will sew them up as well. I figure it is a good way to practice new sewing and fitting techniques and plus, the muslin is already cut up, I just need to sew it up.
Pictures of the finished pants soon.

Have you gotten any sewing stuff from Freecycle? Any cool and unexpected gifts? I’d love to hear 🙂