Summer evening Plantain



My first go at this pattern was such a quick and rewarding project that I made another one the next week. This time in tangerine organic cotton jersey (

For this one I had a different theme in mind….breezy, wavy, easy going summer evening.

I cut it to be a size 36 at the shoulders and sleeves area and added about ½” to each side. I also cut the long sleeves.

As you can see, I left small slits on the sides and at the sleeves and I used a cool hemming technique I have seen on a RTW top I have. Rather than fighting jersey’s natural tendency to curl up, I used it as a decorative finish. On the back of the hem edge I sewed a second strip of jersey fabric. They both curl up creating the double roll effect. For the neckline, I cut a 1 ½” strip of jersey, folded in half lengthwise wrong sides together and sewed it along the neckline. I also did one row of under stitching. Got the same double rolling effect.

IMG_3577 IMG_3585 IMG_3590 IMG_3592

The pocket is just a free form shape …I felt that the top needed something extra…

All in all, another success. I love both of them even though they are so different. Looking at them side by side I can’t believe they are made from the same pattern…proof of what a versatile little wizard ain-t-shirt/”>Plantain is.

I already have a few more variations in mind but first I need to sew a couple of these little guys for my sisters. They loved both tops very much and after I bragged A LOT as to what a fast and easy make they are ….well, they each asked for one grrrr!


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