Color Blocked Plantain





Hopping on the Plantain wagon as it is going on full speed! As you can see can see why, so many cute versions and so much room for creativity…and free! What else could a girl ask for?!

My first version (yes, there is a second one coming right up) is made out of grey wool jersey (left over from a different project) and some green wool jersey…that is actually the bottom part of a dress I altered a while ago. Yes, I like using EVERY SINGLE scrap 🙂

I cut a size 36 (according to the bust measurements) and followed the pattern instructions …well, overall I did 🙂 My fabric ended up having a lot less stretch than what was probably intended because the t-shirt ended up being quite tight across the bust and back. Luckily it was very easy to unpick the side seams and I sewed everything back up with a 1/8” seam allowance. Much better! And no need to finish those edges.

The sleeves are the ¾ length plus the green bands which are about 2” wide. The neckline is simply a cowl neck…almost a straight rectangle.

Loved the construction order, it made everything come together in no time. The tips for sewing with knits are also very smart. It only took me about 4 hours to make this top and this includes unpicking both sides, fiddling with the sleeve bands (on and off and back on for about 3 times) and deciding on the cowl neck. Not to mention the devil that the grey wool jersey was….rolling into a thin baguette the second I’d lift my hands off of it.

The result is a very eye catching, comfortable and warm top. It is probably the first pattern I would recommend to a beginner sewer that wants to try working with knits. It looks cute, it is versatile, the instructions are awesome and the result doesn’t scream “I made this!!!”.

I wore it this weekend and received a ton of compliments, even from strangers! Super big win in my book!

Thank you ELÉONORE for this versatile and cute top!

PS: I am camera shy 🙂 please excuse the headless pictures.


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    • Hi Jenni! thank you for stopping by and forcommenting 🙂 my first ever comment and i am so late in responding … so sorry! the collar is actually just a rectangular piece of knit, about 1 inch shorter than the neckline edge. No other shaping or anyting. The width is about 8.5″. I just sewd it on, hemmed it and that is all. I have to give a lot of credit to the fabric though. It is nice and springy with a bit of body but not too much.
      Hope this helps 🙂

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