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The B-day boy!


Jake loved his kitty! that is the very good news, and it makes me so very happy! I love the little bugger 🙂

As you can see, the white nose is gone…it bothered him so he ripped the kitty’s face off. I fixed it for him and he seems to like it better…I mean look at that face!



Kitty for Jake


Jake is my Boxer friend. He comes to visit and stay with me once every few months and I simply love him. It is hard to describe  his personality bu  few words come to mind: crazy, affectionate, single-track minded, dependent on the ones he trusts. In some ways him and I are the same. Although he turned 10 a few weeks ago he has the heart and the will of a puppy and I love him even more for that. Hills might seem steeper now and the naps more often but the joy in his eyes is the same every time he sees a squirrel, or a bunny rabbit or a kitty. It’s just the thrill of the hunt, he would never hurt anyone.

So, for his birthday i made Jake a kitty cat. The pattern is from here.

Kitty head

I used an old pair of sweat pants for the body and fabric scraps to fill it up. It turned out rather cute although not as cute as the original. Although I am very glad that i used only stuff I already had and recycled things I wouldn’t have used otherwise, the toy turned out rather heavy and a bit lumpy. It won’t stand on its own because as you can see the head is quite big in comparison to the body. Regardless, I think he is going to love it 🙂



Happy belated B-day, Jake! I’ll always love you!