Wall-e is my sewing machine…A Montgomert Ward model 1950. I couldn’t find any information on him online but I think it is at least 50-60 years old.

Our story is quite a serendipitous one. One afternoon I decided that I want a vintage sewing machine, in good shape and at a decent price. 15 minutes later, I walk into the one thrift store we have in town (aside from Good Will  which lately is so expensive I can hardly call it a thrift store but anyway…getting sidetracked). And there, in the middle of all the clutter, on a table, I see this sewing machine that looked…kind of old. Next to it, its manual and a box of accessories (a few feet and some cams). And a bunch of ladies flocking around it.

By that time, even I, the most novice of all the “wanna be” sewers knew that to find the manual and the accessories was a lucky strike. The lady tending the store comes over and tells me that the owner who brought it in (just 10 minutes before I walked into the store!) assured her that it’s working but that I can’t test it. And fast, grabs the thread out of the machine…THAT was NOT included in the price (?!?!). For some reason I knew that it was meant to be mine. See, it NEVER, EVER happened to me to need something and find that very specific item, when and how I need it.

I paid the $35+taxes and sooo happy I rushed out of the store. Headed home and …started my career as a mechanic! Ha!!

I think Wall-e was sent to me to teach me all about patience, and attention to detail and …did I mention patience?

Although old, Wall-e was actually brand new. Someone must have gotten him as a gift and never even used it. It has all its original feet, cams and the manual. And an attitude…oh the attitude…It is a fussy sewing machine (or else I have completely unrealistic expectations). Everything has to be just perfect for him to sew. If something is just a bit off… broken needles, holes and puckers are galloping my way. I also think it sees (the disasters never, ever happen when I test on scraps, only when I stitch on the real project, preferably somewhere visible) and hears (if I mention eBay, craigslist or a new sewing machine the hell breaks loose).

But, in between tantrums we have a good time, I get a nice stitch and I can now use a screw driver with only one hand! We’ve come a long way and although we are still working out our issues…I love him!

Yeah, Wall-e, I love ya!!! (and no, ! am not going to throw you in the bay or out the window)!

PS: I still hope that one day, Eve will show up to rescue us from each other 😉


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