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Wall-e is my sewing machine…A Montgomert Ward model 1950. I couldn’t find any information on him online but I think it is at least 50-60 years old.

Our story is quite a serendipitous one. One afternoon I decided that I want a vintage sewing machine, in good shape and at a decent price. 15 minutes later, I walk into the one thrift store we have in town (aside from Good Will  which lately is so expensive I can hardly call it a thrift store but anyway…getting sidetracked). And there, in the middle of all the clutter, on a table, I see this sewing machine that looked…kind of old. Next to it, its manual and a box of accessories (a few feet and some cams). And a bunch of ladies flocking around it.

By that time, even I, the most novice of all the “wanna be” sewers knew that to find the manual and the accessories was a lucky strike. The lady tending the store comes over and tells me that the owner who brought it in (just 10 minutes before I walked into the store!) assured her that it’s working but that I can’t test it. And fast, grabs the thread out of the machine…THAT was NOT included in the price (?!?!). For some reason I knew that it was meant to be mine. See, it NEVER, EVER happened to me to need something and find that very specific item, when and how I need it.

I paid the $35+taxes and sooo happy I rushed out of the store. Headed home and …started my career as a mechanic! Ha!!

I think Wall-e was sent to me to teach me all about patience, and attention to detail and …did I mention patience?

Although old, Wall-e was actually brand new. Someone must have gotten him as a gift and never even used it. It has all its original feet, cams and the manual. And an attitude…oh the attitude…It is a fussy sewing machine (or else I have completely unrealistic expectations). Everything has to be just perfect for him to sew. If something is just a bit off… broken needles, holes and puckers are galloping my way. I also think it sees (the disasters never, ever happen when I test on scraps, only when I stitch on the real project, preferably somewhere visible) and hears (if I mention eBay, craigslist or a new sewing machine the hell breaks loose).

But, in between tantrums we have a good time, I get a nice stitch and I can now use a screw driver with only one hand! We’ve come a long way and although we are still working out our issues…I love him!

Yeah, Wall-e, I love ya!!! (and no, ! am not going to throw you in the bay or out the window)!

PS: I still hope that one day, Eve will show up to rescue us from each other 😉


Sewing and how it all started


A while ago, actually almost 3 years ago I started reading sewing blogs. I was commuting a long way every day, by train (BART to be precise) and reading blogs was a nice way to help the time pass by. I think I first found Jessica’s blog and then, intrigued, I looked for more and more sewing blogs. And then I found Sunni, and I fell in love with her blog, and her outfits 🙂 The supportive and friendly voices I found kept me coming…not to mention the beautiful clothes these women were sewing and knitting. From the sidelines it is quite incredible to see how their skills evolve.

At first it made me pick up my knitting needles again. After many, many years I casted my first stitches and finished a hat, and then a scarf and mittens (gifted them all). It feels so good to make something with my own two hands! and I still knit…

But sewing…well sewing was a different story. I grew up thinking that the sewing machine was this delicate and very valuable contraption that only the tailors  can use. It frightened and intimidated me. There’s a whole lot more to the story but that was in a nutshell how I felt about it.

It took me about a year to even think about getting a sewing machine. And when the thought finally formed in my head I was already well tought by the same sewing blogs in what to look for. I decided I want an older sewing machine, one that has a past, that no one else wants anymore and that I could rescue from the landfills. And just like that, one Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the local thrift shop. And there, in the middle of the store, on a table, I found Wall-e, my new sewing machine (more about him soon).

I have been trying to stitch things ever since, a wobbly bag, many pot holders, hemmed jeans, fixed hems. And then I cut into a pattern and I made my first pj bottoms. And then a top, and then another one…

Anyway, I just wanted to say that thanks to you, the sewing bloggers, I found a hobby I love. Thank you for your tutorials, hor posting your projects, for answering endless questions. Thank you for giving me the courage to try!